“If it were anyone else who said it, I would have dismissed this prediction as nonsense.” – Bill O’Reilly

Will the Next Two Years Generate More Wealth Than the Previous 20 Combined?

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Hi, Bill O’Reilly here...

If you’re like me, you’re pretty worried about the future of America.

We have a new president who’s promising new tax hikes and business-strangling regulations.

We just added more to the U.S. debt than during the Civil War, World War I, World War II and Vietnam combined.

Millions of Americans are still out of work, and thousands of businesses – big and small – have been lost.

It’s easy to be pessimistic.

That’s why I was so blown away by something I heard just a few days ago.

It was a statement made by someone I trust.

He’s a researcher, futurist, investment analyst and former portfolio manager.

This guy has called so many of the big moments over the last two decades...

The dot-com collapse... the rise of digital and medical technology...

The housing crisis and the 10-year bull market that followed...

He nailed all of those.

And along the way he’s helped me make a lot of money personally.

He’s someone I turn to first whenever I’m uncertain about the financial future.

I’ve had him on The Factor with me... as well as No Spin News.

Off camera, I recently asked him...

“What’s ahead for investors in the markets?”

I asked him if stocks were likely to drop under Biden.

I wondered if we were in real trouble because of all the debt and the fallout from the pandemic.

I figured he might recommend taking cover and going to cash.

Maybe buying gold or recession-resistant stocks.

But that’s not what he told me.

Instead, he said something that caught me completely off guard.

He said a series of events is coming that will lead to more wealth creation in the next two years... than over the past TWO DECADES... combined.

And he said that the trend will be virtually unstoppable.

My first thought was, “You’ve got to me kidding me...

But... BUT...

Remember, this guy has been remarkably accurate.

His advice has done very well for me.

So well that I’ve actually PAID for his insights and advice for the last 18 years.

He’s made many right calls through the Bush, Obama and Trump presidencies.

And this guy has been practically psychic at identifying huge new stock trends.

He bought Apple at a split-adjusted $0.18 in 1996, when nobody else realized Steve Jobs would return it to its former glory.


He invested in Netflix at a split-adjusted $1.62 in 2005, back when the idea of streaming movies online was a pipe dream.


And he bought Amazon at $35 that same year, long before the stock went to more than $3,000 and Jeff Bezos became the richest man in the world.


This man saw the innovation... he invested in it early... and he still holds every share.

Based on his track record, I want to give him a chance... to see if he can PROVE to me... and to you at home... that the next two years are going to deliver an all-time wealth-building opportunity.

Because this is a big moment in American history.

And I want you to have all the facts so you can make sure you end up in a good position in the years to come.

With that, I want to bring in my special guest, New York Times bestselling financial author Alexander Green.

Alex, welcome.

Introducing Alexander Green, Who Says, “Historic Wealth Creation Is Coming.”


Bill, it’s great to be with you again. Thanks for having me.


Alex, I just gave you a really big introduction...


You sure did, I appreciate that.


But this won’t be a walk in the park... I want to see how you can back up your prediction.

A lot of people, myself included, are really worried about the future of this country.

For you to say that more wealth will be generated in the next two years than in the past two decades combined just doesn’t seem possible to me.

It almost sounds crazy.

How can you make a prediction like this?

I’m starting to question whether the pandemic affected your judgment!


Ha, I assure you I am of sound mind, Bill.

And listen... I can understand your concerns.

In fact, they are all warranted.

You have every right to be worried about Biden’s tax and regulatory plans... and the massive debt our politicians drive higher every day.

You should be concerned about the people out of work and the businesses that have gone under.

Those are real problems.

And they aren’t going away.

But here’s the thing...

It’s easy to get caught up in all the negatives and forget about all the positives.

That’s what the mainstream media does so well.

They constantly push the bad stories and never the good ones.


Absolutely, I’ve been in the business for more than 40 years.

Negativity sells.

Let’s just look at the last four years.

Despite unemployment at a half-century low and record U.S. household income and wealth...

The media drove home negative story after negative story. Very dishonest.


That’s what they do.

Their negative agenda creates fear. Their goal is not to tell the truth but to attract viewers and promote their agenda.

But here is the real truth.

America, despite its corrupt media, inept political leaders and gargantuan debt...

Is made up of the freest and most dynamic group of innovators on earth.

Every day, Americans are inventing new technologies, launching new businesses, creating breakthrough medicines and solving real-world problems.

This has turned America into the greatest wealth creator in the history of the world.

Think about the technological advances we’ve seen in the past 100 years...

Countless medical and surgical breakthroughs... the assembly line... TV... the internet... personal computers... smartphones... e-commerce... air travel... space exploration...

About 50 years ago, Neil Armstrong took that one small step for man. And one giant leap for mankind.

Today, the phone in your pocket has more than 100,000 times the processing power of Armstrong’s original Guidance Computer on board Apollo 11... and more than 7 million times the memory.

Our ancestors would marvel at modern-day life...

In fact, I argue that middle-class Americans today are far better off than John D. Rockefeller, the world’s wealthiest man 100 years ago.

Today’s middle class has vaccines, air conditioning, internet and same-day travel.

Rockefeller, despite billions in wealth, had none of these luxuries.

What we’ve achieved in the last 100 years... is more than we’ve achieved in the past 10,000 years COMBINED.

But here’s the thing that the media fails to report...

And it’s really important for our viewers.

The innovation we’ve seen has been great for everybody.

1.2 billion people have been lifted out of poverty.

Life expectancy in every part of the world has risen dramatically.

Life Expectancy

Our innovations have led to longer, healthier and richer lives for billions of people.

And they’re also creating astonishing wealth for everyday Americans who know how to spot these opportunities.

But if you don’t recognize how things are changing for the better TODAY, you can’t and won’t participate.

You’ll get left behind.

Tuning OUT the Media and Politics and Focusing on Innovative Breakout Companies Instead... Often Pays Off in a Big Way


Now, Alex, there’s no doubt you’re very good at showing folks how to participate in the wealth creation from big trends...

But I have to say, sometimes it feels like you are just too optimistic.

Our country is so divided.

And with Mr. Biden in charge, I have a hard time believing the next four years will actually be great.

He’s going to try to ram through the Green New Deal... have the taxpayers pick up the tab on student loan debt... and bail out blue state debt as well.

It may be a disaster!


Bill, I don’t disagree with you.

I think there are real problems with every one of those ideas.

But our politicians have been doing a lousy job for decades.

And as a financial analyst, I have to look for ways to succeed despite politics.

Instead of worrying about what the politicians are going to do next, investors should be spending their time on one thing and one thing only...

Identifying great companies that are creating cutting-edge new technologies... launching breakthrough products... beating sales targets quarter after quarter... and rewarding shareholders all along the way.


Okay, give us an example of the type of company you’re talking about.


Intuitive Surgical is a great example of this.

You might remember this, Bill. It’s a stock I identified right about the time you started following my work.

The company was the first to successfully develop surgical robots to help doctors with operations that require the utmost precision and accuracy.

This is the type of company that can succeed in any market.

And over the past 16 years, the stock has gone from $3 to more than $700.

Intuitive Surgical

This was through the Bush presidency... the financial crisis... Obama’s eight years... and the four years with Trump in charge.


Right. A lot happened politically... but none of it mattered to the results Intuitive Surgical was producing.

That’s what you’re looking for as an investor.

And the beauty of the American system is...

Anyone who recognizes an innovative company like Intuitive Surgical can share in the profits.

Even just $5,000 in Intuitive Surgical in 2004 would be worth more than $1 million today.

Intuitive Surgical

That’s true, Alex.

And your ability to find these types of stocks is a key reason I’ve been a follower of yours for so many years.

But let’s be honest... companies like Intuitive are rare.

Aren’t the chances of finding a big one like that pretty slim?


It’s not easy, that’s true.

But as you know, I have had some great success finding these types of stocks over the years, whether we’re talking about breakthrough medical companies like Intuitive Surgical and Celgene... or tech innovators like Netflix and Apple.


And here’s the thing...

In the next two years alone, the innovations I’m seeing now are going to become SO BIG that the wealth created will be unprecedented.

There will be new products that will improve our world in unimaginable ways...

And under-the-radar companies that will rise up to become household names.

I’ve got four specific innovations I’ve pinpointed that I believe will change the world and reward shareholders in a big way.

And I’d like to share the details on all four today.

In the next two years, I expect we’ll see record numbers of new millionaires minted... more stock market all-time highs... and a new prosperity in America that seems inconceivable today.

And all of this will be the result NOT of the Biden presidency but of the American innovators who make the real difference in this country.

“As innovation accelerates, what’s next will be the most thrilling, innovative period in human history.” – Alexander Green


So you’re saying that will happen not because of Joe Biden but despite him and his policies?



It’s what people always forget.

While the politicians are doing their best to screw everything up... brilliant, hardworking, entrepreneurial Americans keep pushing forward.

While innovation is already at historic levels we’ve never experienced before...

It is now accelerating.

It used to take a LONG time for a true innovation to come out.

Now breakthroughs are hitting every month or even every week!


It’s going straight up.


It sure is.

And investors are being rewarded faster too.

Look at a company like Teladoc Health.

Its online telehealth innovation rewarded investors with a 150% gain in just one year.

Teladoc Health

Tesla is another one...

Elon Musk is one of the great innovators of all time.

And Tesla stock is up an astounding SEVENFOLD in a single year.


Alex, those were two of the best stock wins among many in 2020...

But at some point, this has to stop or slow down.

Could this be the peak of innovation?

And if so, would America be headed toward decline?


Sure, that’s possible.

But it’s awfully unlikely.

If you look at what the real builders of America – the innovators, the entrepreneurs – are doing right now...

You’ll find that innovation isn’t slowing.

It’s accelerating faster and faster every single day.

Exponential growth is all around us, but it can be hard to see...

Look at the microprocessor.

When it first came out in 1971, a microprocessor could hold about 2,000 transistors.


More than 39 billion!


When cellphones came out, they cut in and out constantly during a normal phone call.


Billions of people can instantly video chat in crystal clear HD.

And it’s not just tech.

Look at food production.

An acre of land used to produce 1 ton of wheat per year. Now, thanks to modern technology, it produces 8 tons!

Food Production

Everyone watching today needs to understand that this exponential growth is happening all around us.

Tech... agriculture... e-commerce... medical devices...


Look at what happened with the coronavirus vaccine, Alex.

In the past, new vaccines took 10 years or more to be developed.

And even then, they often weren’t that effective.

The flu vaccine, which still uses the old method, is effective only between 40% and 60% of the time.

That’s a coin flip.

So what Pfizer and Moderna have done in warp speed is nothing short of a miracle.


It truly is.

Here’s something amazing to think about... Moderna’s vaccine design was actually created within two days of the publication of the coronavirus genome.

48 hours!

It took some time to get it out because of the necessary testing.

But the design itself took all of just one weekend!

The Moderna team then fully developed the vaccine, boosting it to 95% effectiveness by harnessing the power of messenger RNA (mRNA)...

And had it ready for distribution before the end of the year.

This is the type of thing I’m talking about... exponential innovation.

And in this case, what Moderna did is actually just the first steppingstone to far more innovation to come.

In fact, mRNA is the first big innovation I want to tell our audience about today.

I believe it’s going to create massive wealth over the next two years.

It is going to completely revolutionize medicine around the world – even more so than Intuitive Surgical.

mRNA is Healing the World... and Creating BILLIONS in Profits for Smart Investors


Alex... you were way out front on this...

You recommended Moderna to your VIP subscribers in February of last year... a full nine months before the vaccine was approved.

Can you fill the viewers in on what makes mRNA so powerful... and why you see it as a key innovation?


Yes, Bill.

I think mRNA might be the single greatest innovation of this century.

It is going to save millions of lives and generate trillions of dollars in wealth.

So here’s how it works.

With a normal vaccine... doctors are injecting weakened or inactive disease into our bodies.

That can come with some dangers and side effects, of course.

And so traditionally scientists have had to test vaccines for years, sometimes decades, to get them to be effective.

mRNA operates differently.

It doesn’t inject inactive versions of a disease into our bodies.

Instead, it simply is a “messenger” that gives our genes instructions on how to produce the antibodies needed to fight the disease.

Now, what’s really important about this is two things.

First, mRNA vaccines are much faster and easier to develop than traditional vaccines.

As researchers at Harvard point out, it’s...

Easy to make that mRNA in the laboratory, in large amounts.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) confirms that mRNA vaccine development is...

Faster than traditional methods of making vaccines.”

Second, the technology can easily be used for tons of different diseases.

Again, the CDC confirms that...

“Future mRNA vaccine technology may allow for one vaccine to provide protection for multiple diseases.”

The Wall Street Journal agrees with you, Alex. It’s written that mRNA...

Could provide new treatments for cancer, heart disease and other infectious diseases.”

Right. We are talking about the worst, most devastating diseases in the world.

And mRNA could be the answer to solving them.

My friend Ron Bailey, science correspondent for Reason magazine, sums up everything quite nicely...

“The promise of mRNA vaccines is that they are faster, cheaper and safer to produce than conventional vaccines.”

It certainly looks very promising. But let me get back to the second part of my question.They might just be the path to the complete eradication of some of the worst diseases that mankind faces every day.

Alex, you’re here to help folks understand big innovations and how to profit.

So how were you so far out in front on Moderna?


In February, when I first wrote about it, the stock was trading for just $20.

My financial research – which my team and I conduct every day – proved that Moderna’s CEO was one of the first to anticipate the potential impact of COVID-19.

Moderna starting working with the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) on a vaccine in early January.

By February 24, it submitted its first batch of the vaccine for government review.

One thing that really stuck out to me as an investment analyst: I noticed Moderna director Paul Sagan purchased 53,000 shares on February 14 – a full 10 days BEFORE Moderna sent its vaccine out for government review.

Sagan’s purchase totaled $1 million.


Investing his own money in his company’s stock. He must have already realized this technology would be big.


That’s right. And it was an awfully smart move.

My readers were looking at 200% gains by May.

Before the year was out, Moderna topped $150.

A simple $2,000 investment here would have turned into $15,000 in less than a year.

$20,000 would have turned into $150,000.


Those who actually understood the importance of what a company like Moderna was doing with mRNA had the opportunity to grow their wealth substantially.

I’m talking about extraordinary wealth.

Sagan’s $1M investment was worth more than $7.5 million just 10 months later.

Harvard biology professor Tim Springer, who invested $5 million to help launch Moderna in 2010, gained $2 BILLION from Moderna’s meteoric rise.

And MIT professor Robert Langer, one of the earliest investors in Moderna, became a BILLIONAIRE too... with a reported $1.5 BILLION in gains from Moderna.


But, Alex, the gain there is gone now.

Moderna made headlines and shot up dramatically.

So isn’t it too late?


I think Moderna certainly could go up more.

It’s a great company to own.

But there is a much smaller player I’ve identified with a lot of room for explosive gains.

While Moderna is focused on COVID-19, this second company is pushing forward very quickly, using mRNA technology to tackle all the worst diseases...

Cancer, heart disease and several rare diseases.


Those are pretty big claims, Alex.

A lot of people have said they have an answer to cancer and heart disease over the years, but people are still dying every day.

How do we know this treatment won’t fail, like so many treatments in the past?

52-Year-Old Says He Watched His Own Cancer Cells “Shrinking Before My Eyes”...


It’s true that you can’t know for sure until it’s working.

But what we are seeing with mRNA is as promising as any treatment I’ve seen in the past.

Here’s a real-life example that perfectly sums up mRNA’s potential...

Brad Kremer, a 52-year-old salesman and family man in Massachusetts, had skin cancer that had spread to his liver and spine.

His back pain was getting worse. His bones were literally breaking. He was losing weight, and new cancerous lesions kept appearing on his left thigh.

It was very scary,” he said.

He tried immunotherapy, but it was ineffective.

Then he got an experimental mRNA cancer vaccine.

Within weeks of his first injection...

The quarter-sized melanoma spots on his leg began disappearing.

I was actually witnessing the cancer cells shrinking before my eyes,” he said.

Several doses of the vaccine later, his back pain disappeared and his appetite returned.

Today, “There are no measurable cancer cells left in my body,” he says.

And this is not some one-off example...

The first 13 people with advanced-stage melanoma who received this mRNA cancer vaccine showed elevated immunity... and their risk of developing new cancerous lesions was significantly reduced.

Pharmaceutical scientist Gaurav Sahay of Oregon State University says there is now a “tsunami” of enthusiasm about the potential of mRNA to treat everything.

Now, Bill, I want to be clear... I’m not saying mRNA will cure cancer tomorrow.

Innovation does take time, and there are always setbacks along the way.

But what I am saying is that the success of what Moderna has done has given other scientists the chance to take that leap and build on it.

And the results of mRNA so far are some of the most promising I’ve ever seen.

This is just one area where innovation is not just changing the world but also making it BETTER for all of us.


Now, that’s a story you just don’t hear in the mainstream media, Alex. Incredible.

And you mentioned a specific company that you feel will be the big winner in all of this.

Can you tell us a bit about why you like it so much?

I know your goal here is to find that really rare stock like Moderna... or Intuitive Surgical...

Those sorts of wins can be life-changing for people.

But I think it’s really hard to find those.

The Under-the-Radar Biotech Locking Up $200 Million-Plus Deals With Pharma Giants


Yes, there’s one particular up-and-coming biotech in the mRNA space that’s got my complete attention...

Its mRNA technology is so versatile.

Its patented technologies are a bit different from those of, say, a Moderna.

Moderna’s vaccine works by telling the immune system to create antibodies.

But this company actually delivers messages to the body that shut down diseases from the start.

Quite often, diseases are caused when the body malfunctions and starts to build the wrong types of cells. This is what can cause cancer.

But this company can send messages inside the cells to shut down the production of bad cells.

The science behind this particular method won a Nobel Prize.

Nobel Prize

And this company is starting by going after life-threatening kidney and liver diseases, among many others.

It’s focusing on diseases with no cures.

Its goal is to get much-needed treatments to millions of patients...

Treatments that are faster, cheaper and far more effective than what’s available now.

And good news keeps rolling in...

It just reported positive results from a Phase 1 trial for a hepatitis B vaccine with no serious side effects.

Hep B kills 880,000 people per year... and 292 MILLION are infected.

In total, hundreds of millions of people could potentially benefit from this company’s technologies in the future...

And that vaccine is just one of the company’s three drug candidates in clinical trials.

It also has 20 treatments in various stages of development.

And the company will announce at least four trial results this year.

It recently announced FDA acceptance of an investigational New Drug Application (NDA). This drug is the first clinical-stage candidate to emerge from its collaboration with Eli Lilly.

And it just received “orphan drug” status to treat alpha-1 antitrypsin (A1AT) deficiency, which can lead to lung and liver disease.


Orphan drug status can be huge for a stock.

Can you explain what that is?


In short, this coveted designation gives a company exclusive rights and special tax benefits over a seven-year window in order to help it develop a cure for a specific condition.

More importantly for investors, it...

Allows the pharmaceutical company to profit exclusively for seven years from the product it creates.”

I don’t think it should come as a surprise that orphan drug status can serve as a launching pad for a stock.

For example, AbbVie won orphan drug status for a Crohn’s disease treatment in 2016.

It went on to more than double over the next 14 months.


And you look at Alexion... it won orphan drug status for its drug Soliris, which treats a condition that causes kidney disease, in 2009.

It went from $22 to $200 a share in six years, an extraordinary 800% gain.


There’s no question that a small stock can turn into a big winner under the right conditions.

But what’s to stop some of the bigger fish – like Pfizer – from coming in and beating it to the punch?


Great point.

That’s definitely something to be concerned about. But sometimes the smallest companies turn into the biggest winners...

Look at Moderna. It was a little fish but then turned into a household name in almost no time.

And here’s the thing about the new company I’m talking about today.

It has all the patents – 250 either granted or pending – protecting its technologies.

So instead of the big boys coming in and beating it... they are actually all partnering with this company instead!

It’s quietly locking up lucrative eight-to-nine-figure deals left and right...

And pharma giants like Eli Lilly, Roche and Novo Nordisk are committing at least $200 million each.

Pharma Giants

The Roche deal alone could pay this company $1.5 BILLION in future sales...

That’s more than the company’s current market cap!

Over the next two years, smart investors have the chance to rake in potential fortunes with this company.


So Big Pharma giants recognize the potential here... but what about the so-called “smart money”?

Is Wall Street piling in?


Of course it is.

JPMorgan Chase, Citadel and Wellington Management each upped their stakes by double digits in a recent quarter.

Wellington alone now owns $107 MILLION in shares.

Now, of course there’s risk in investing... nothing is guaranteed. But the smart money sees the potential... Big Pharma sees the potential... and I see the potential too.


Last question about this company. It’s not an expensive stock, is it?


No, it’s around only $25 a share.


That’s around the same price NeoGenomics was when you and I first got together in the fall of 2019 for The Great American Wealth Project.

Back then, you said that NEO was an up-and-coming, innovative biotech, and that folks should buy it.

It shot up to $55 by the end of 2020.


Yes, Bill – it’s up 129% in 16 months.


A great win for those who listened to our broadcast.

And while NEO specializes in genetic testing...

This new company I’m recommending for the first time today is looking to eradicate all disease!

So for investors, I believe the profit potential could be an absolute moonshot.

I’ve put together a special report that has all the details on this company’s stock – including the ticker symbol and exact how-to-buy instructions – that I’d like to deliver to all of our viewers today.


You can let the folks know how to get their hands on your report immediately following this broadcast.

But let’s transition now into the next innovations that will change our world as we know it...

Now, Alex... you and I also talked about 5G technology at The Great American Wealth Project.

You saw that as a big innovation that was going to change the world.

Move Over, 5G. 10G Is the Big New Phenomenon


That’s right, Bill. We broke down the coming 5G rollout and why that was going to generate significant wealth.


Your top 5G stock was Marvell Technology Group.

And, wow, that too was a big winner. It was $25 when you recommended it...

And it hit almost $50 in just a little more than a year.

Marvell Technology

It nearly doubled by the end of 2020... People who listened to our broadcast back then made a fortune...

One man said he generated a $4,335 profit in three days, a 41% gain. He wrote...

“I never heard of Marvell Technology until Alex did the Bill O’Reilly interview.”

Another gentleman said he turned $5,100 into more than $11,000.

And one very happy camper said he made $31,000 on that near-double before the end of 2020.

But, Bill, this will give you an idea of how fast innovation is speeding up.

Just a year and a half later, you and I are sitting here again, and this time I’m going to tell you about 10G.


Wait, wait, wait.


What happened to 6, 7, 8 and 9?


[Laughs] This is how fast innovation is accelerating.

Let me assure our audience, I am not making 10G up.

It’s a real thing. The rollout is already happening.

And it is going to be HUGE.


Are you telling me that 5G is already going to be obsolete? It’s just getting started!


No, actually. 10G is not a replacement for 5G.

In fact... there’s a very big difference between 5G and 10G.

5G applies to the mobile industry... and the “G” stands for “generation.”

So 5G is the fifth generation of cell networks.

10G applies to the cable broadband network... which delivers broadband to your house.

In this case, “10G” stands for “10 gigabits per second (Gbps).”


So it’s completely different.


Yes. And 10G is more than 100 times faster, more reliable and more secure than today’s home and business networks.

It’s currently being built by cable operators like Comcast, Charter, Midco and Cox... and it’s going to be huge.

Bill, look, we’re entering a new reality of smart EVERYTHING...


Smart homes...

Smart cars...

And with billions of people streaming television and movies at home... connecting with family over Zoom calls... producing and downloading billions of gigabytes of data...

Our homes and business networks NEED extreme speeds to keep up.

Brian Chen of The New York Times reports...

“Average internet speeds all over the world have slowed. Some broadband providers are feeling crushed by the heavy traffic. And dated internet equipment can create a bottleneck for our speeds.”

10G solves all of this.

Consider... the current average broadband connection operates at speeds around 93 megabits per second (Mbps).

10 gigabits per second is literally 106 times faster than that!

Mediacom, the nation’s fifth-largest cable provider, has this to say about 10G...

“This enhanced network will power everything, including never-before-seen holographic television, crystal clear 8K streaming video, lifesaving telemedicine applications, and seamless home and business automation.”

I would imagine this is going to be very important for all the people working from home too.



Look at Microsoft.

The company is allowing its 150,000 workers to work from home PERMANENTLY.

Facebook, Twitter, Square and Zillow are all offering many of their employees the chance to work from home permanently.

These companies NEED 10G to be as efficient as possible.

And I’ve got a new company that’s way out front in 10G... while everyone else is focused on 5G.


Let’s hear it.


Its CEO says, “While the world is talking about 5G, we’re proud to be part of this extraordinary movement to 10G. We’re already launching entire Gigacities and that’s just the start.”

He says his company is building networks that “that will fuel innovation and the economy of the future.”


This sounds like exactly the sort of forward-looking company you want folks to be in on early... but how will it achieve these ambitious goals?


The race is on to roll out 10G to 85% of U.S. homes...

And take it worldwide too.

And what’s most incredible...

Is that the 10G company I’ve targeted has figured out a way to roll out 10G without construction crews replacing cable networks all over the country.

It’s got patent-protected technology that allows it to digitally add more transmission to existing coaxial cable.

According to the company’s chief technology officer, this technology results in...

Higher speeds... more capacity and better security, with no disruption and no digging up the streets – what we like to call ‘gigging without digging.

And, Bill... you know who believes in this 10G company’s stock, perhaps more than anyone else?

Warren Buffett... whose Berkshire Hathaway fund is the largest stockholder... with $378 million in shares...


You know, you recommended Berkshire to me a few years ago.

And I still have it! It’s putting my kids though college.


Incredible...Berk B is up 421% since 2001.


Now, that’s good company. Buffett knows what he’s doing.

Alex, have you prepared a report on this Buffett-preferred 10G company, just like you have the mRNA company?


Yes, I have.

It features buy instructions and the exact ticker symbol... again, everything the viewers need in order to add it to their own accounts.


Okay, folks. Stick with us and you’ll see how to get your hands on Alex’s exclusive reports.

He’s mentioned two so far, but he’s got two more big innovations still to come...

And Alex’s team is gearing up to send out the information on his favorite stocks involved in this new wave of innovation.

Plus, there’s actually a lot more you can walk away with today...

You’ll see how to get two bestselling hardcover books today as well... including my new bestselling book, Killing Crazy Horse, and Alex’s brand-new edition of The Gone Fishin’ Portfolio, one of my favorite books on investing for people who like to keep it simple.

Alex and Bill's Books

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But before we get to all that...

Alex wants to talk about a third innovation set to change the world... and mint fortunes for investors along the way.

Alex, what do you have for us?

“This Ain’t Your Grandfather’s Lettuce. [It’s] the Farm of the Future.” – Forbes


Bill... as the world’s population continues to expand... one of the biggest problems that needs solving is how to feed everyone on earth.

This is a problem that’s been around for a long time.

And it’s been something that many have consistently predicted would result in disaster.


The population doomsayers have been predicting a total collapse for years.

When I was growing up it was The Population Bomb by Stanford professor Paul Ehrlich.

Academics loved this book.

It was published in 1968 and predicted that overpopulation would lead to worldwide famine by the 1970s and 1980s.

Many wanted to use this argument to limit population growth – like in China, where they instituted the one-child policy.


Yes, but what Ehrlich and others like economist Thomas Malthus missed... was that technology would be able to help us produce far more food using up far less land than ever before.

As I said earlier, a single acre of land has gone from producing 1 ton of wheat to 8 tons of wheat.

And similar output has increased for everything from corn and sweet potatoes to beets and broccoli.


So do you believe that we are going to see another leap in agriculture?

You’re saying that the output from a single acre is going to grow even more?


Not only is it going to increase, it’s going to increase dramatically.

Because my third innovation is one of the most exciting developments happening right now... as we speak.

I’m talking about vertical farming.

Vertical Farming

And how does vertical farming work?


It’s exactly what it sounds like.

With vertical farming, crops are stacked in layers that can go hundreds of feet high.

New, specialized LED lights ensure that all of them can conduct photosynthesis. And hydroponic and aquaponic technologies allow growth in far less soil than ordinary farming requires.

With vertical farming, produce can grow year-round, with no pesticides.

And this all results in an exponential level of production.

Get this...

This process results in produce yields 350 times greater than those seen in traditional agriculture... with 1% of the water... and no soil.

Let me repeat that... 350 times greater!

And factoring in all of the resources used, vertical farming can be 100 times more efficient than traditional farming.

This is huge.

In just 30 years’ time, the world will need 70% more food than we currently produce, requiring more efficient use of land and water,” according to Jeff Housenbold, managing partner at SoftBank.

That’s the problem.

Vertical farming is the solution.

Peter Diamandis, a futurist and serial entrepreneur, says...

“Today’s breakthroughs [in vertical farming] will soon allow our planet to boost its food production by nearly 70%, using a fraction of the real estate and resources to feed 9 billion by midcentury.”

Okay... but, Alex, I never believe anything until I see it.

And this sounds like something truly from the future that might be years off.

This all sounds great, but will it work in practice?


You are right to be skeptical. In the past, people have come up with these sorts of ideas, but they haven’t succeeded.

In the case of vertical farming, that was always because of the big cost of the lighting...

You see, hydroponics, which is the process of indoor cultivation... requires powerful lighting that mimics the sun’s rays.

But lighting... just like computers... and HD televisions... has dramatically improved in recent years, while the cost has decreased significantly.

This is due to the new, specialized LED lighting I mentioned earlier.

Thanks to these new lights, a hydroponic system now costs one-tenth of what it did a decade ago, and that cost is dropping fast...

While lighting efficiency has more than DOUBLED within the past decade.

So now, vertical farming can operate profitably.

It’s no wonder one of the industry’s leading experts says...

I like to think we’re on the cusp of one of the most incredible evolutions we’ve ever gone through.”

I expect we’ll see vertical farming rolling out in city after city across America.


Okay, can you share the details on your vertical farming stock?


As of right now, there is one publicly traded company that makes perfect sense. This fast-growing retailer owns and operates a chain of stores selling equipment for hydroponics and organic gardening.

Sales in the last 12 months were up an astounding 152% year over year.

It’s expanded to 36 locations across the United States, up from 25 the year before.

It recently acquired the largest hydroponics operator in Southern California.

That deal is expected to add $20 million in recurring annual revenue.

It’s adding an additional $50 million in recurring annual revenue after purchasing the country’s third-largest chain of hydroponic garden centers, which stretches across the Pacific Northwest.

These buyouts can act as catalysts...

In fact, its stock shot up 12% in a day on the announcement of a buyout.

And more acquisitions are expected in the years ahead.

The industry is poised to grow by an astonishing 38% annually going forward... which I think is a very conservative estimate.

Analysts never seem to take into account how fast these technologies spread once they are adopted.

And I have no doubt this company will lead the way.

Again, in my special report, I have buy instructions for the one publicly traded vertical farm supplier that could solve world hunger.


That’s three exclusive stocks you’ve got for the folks...

I have to admit, Alex, these technologies appear to be really impressive.

mRNA... 10G... vertical farming...

I’m starting to understand why you are so confident about the next couple of years.

And while I still believe this sort of innovation would go even faster if the politicians would get out of the way...

I do agree with your belief that the best entrepreneurs always seem to find a way to succeed in any environment.


It’s true.

We’ve seen it throughout history.

No matter how much the people in power try to keep them down, the innovators always win out in the end.


I do agree with you there.

Let’s keep pushing forward. What’s your fourth and final innovation?


My next innovator is one that will turn scenes out of the Jetsons into reality.

It is a robotics company founded by 3 scientists from MIT’s Artificial Intelligence Lab...

It’s created telemedical robots that operate stethoscopes and ultrasounds...

It’s created military robots to diffuse bombs.

In fact, one of this company’s earliest products conducted search and rescue at ground zero after the 9/11 terror attacks.

It’s robots were also used to gather data in dangerous conditions at the Fukushima nuclear disaster site, and detected underwater pools of oil after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

More than 2,000 of this company’s robots were deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan and more than 5,000 more to defense forces around the world.

But here’s where this story gets big.

This company has truly reinvented itself in 2021... as it has created a path toward affordable consumer robotics products...

This company is now creating robots for practical use for in homes, pool and lawn maintenance, retail businesses, and more.

The company’s CEO says advancements in computer vision and the ability for robots to map out a home or business make such devices possible.


There’s no question robotics is an amazing field. They are instrumental in the manufacturing of cars... and in medical procedures like with surgical robots.

Your recommendation on Intuitive Surgical, a medical robotics company, it one of the best winners of the last 20 years.

But people also worry that the robots will put people out of jobs.

Is that a concern for you?


You know Bill, that type of thinking has been around for a long time.

In the early 19th century... about 72% of Americans worked on farms.

So when people like John Deere started manufacturing steel plows and later tractors... or when the first grain elevator was put into practice in Buffalo...

People everywhere feared these technological innovations would destroy jobs.

And in a way it did.


What do you mean?


Well, today less than 5% of Americans work on farms.

So these innovations did reduce farm jobs. But they also made our lives better. And humans, being as adaptable as they are, found other jobs.

There were similar fears about the automobile putting the horse and buggy industry out of business.

Or when computers came along, it was feared accountants would no longer be needed.

Robots will do the same.

They will help us increase productivity... make our lives better... and drive our innovation forward.

Get this Bill...

According to Bloomberg, my favorite robotics company is now working on a fully integrated smart home with robotic helpers.

These robotic wonders can help with home security... efficient use of electricity and air conditioning... they can wash dishes, mop floors, do laundry.

They can even do the yard and clean the pool.

Robotics are being designed right now that can potentially do every chore imaginable around your home.

So you get time back in your life every week that you can spend reading a book, spending more time with your kids and grandkids... or just kicking your feet up on your favorite recliner.

Just say, “Hey Alexa wash the dishes, mop the floors, do my laundry, mow the yard and clean the pool..”


You said “Alexa” just then.

Does this robotics company have something to do with Amazon?


Yes, they do.

In fact, this company has already partnered with Google to integrate its products with Google Assistant and with Amazon to integrate with Alexa.

Google and Amazon do not make partnerships with companies lightly.

They only work with the best in class companies that have game-changing technologies and the patents to back them up.

This robotics revolution is very real.

And it’s on the verge of breaking out all over the country.

The company owns hundreds of patents on its technology.

For example, one of this company’s newest patents is for robot artificial intelligence for situational awareness. So as it cleans your home, it avoids running into you or your pets.

Another patent is for lawn mowing boundary detection, so it knows exactly how your yard needs to be mowed...

Another recent patent is for its evacuation system... so after your robot cleans up everything, it can discard the debris at an evacuation station.

So you don’t even have to take out the trash.


This sounds futuristic.


It does... but consider Bill, this company has already sold 30 million products.

30 million! And while these products are certainly useful to your home and business...

It’s also making a significant impact in the healthcare market.

This is the first company in history to receive FDA clearance for its autonomous telemedicine robot for use in hospitals.

The company’s CEO said...

FDA clearance of a robot that can move safely and independently through a fast-paced, chaotic and demanding hospital environment is a significant technological milestone.”

Bill, that means, the potential for self-navigating robots in other markets, businesses and for new applications, is virtually limitless.

Ok... but now here is the BIGGEST part of all of this...

The company also is developing brand new drone technology that might be the biggest game-changer across the globe over the next five years.

Bill, you’re probably aware that Amazon is quietly working on a plan to have drones make their deliveries all over the world.

Jeff Bezos went on 60 minutes a while ago and made headlines everywhere we he revealed that the future for Amazon was to have drones deliver purchases in just an hour.

Well guess what this robotics company has developed...

New drone technology that could be used to do exactly that.

The FAA just gave Amazon approval for drone deliveries in 2020. And other companies like UPS have been approved as well.

Just imagine if the robotics company I’m talking about becomes the company that provides even a fraction of all these drones.


We’re talking billions of dollars. It could become one of the most well-known companies in the world.


That’s why I believe the profit potential is immense.

The company is small now with a $2.3 billion market cap...

Yet it just brought in $1.3 billion in revenue over a 12-month period. That’s more than half it’s cap in a single year.

It’s grown net income 250% since 2016.

It’s got $227 million more in cash than it has debt...

And future profits are protected with a list of patents a mile-long.

But if it ends up being the primary drone maker for Amazon and others... this could become one of the biggest wins I ever recommend.

Shaeffer’s Research says this company has...

Huge potential upside for investors and comes with very little downside risk.”

I’d say it could be hands down the very biggest winner of any company I talk about today.


And that’s really what you’re trying to do for people today, Alex.

You are looking for the big innovations and the best ways to profit from them.


And remember, the four innovations we’ve talked about today are just scratching the surface on what’s going on right here in America.

Innovation is accelerating...


That’s why I believe we’re going to see more wealth created in the next two years than in the last two decades combined.

We’re talking about an additional $9 trillion in new wealth here... at least!


So divisive politics... the Fed... record-high debt... forget it all? Wealth is going crazy?


There will be bumps along the road. No question.

But innovation trumps everything.

It is an unstoppable force that will push American wealth to record-high levels.

Bill... that’s why we need to get everyone watching fully prepared for what’s ahead.

And I’m looking forward to getting a huge, valuable package into our viewers’ hands today.

It’s called...

The Innovation Accelerator Playbook.

Innovation Accelerator Playbook

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The first report in the Innovation Accelerator Playbook is called...

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The mRNA Leader Locking Up Multiple $200 Million Deals

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The 10G Front-Runner Changing How Business Is Done

The third is...

“The Future of Food: The Vertical Farm Supplier Feeding the World.”

The Future of Food: The Vertical Farm Supplier Feeding the World

And the fourth and final is...

“The Robotics Company Partnered with Google and Amazon.”

The Robotics Company Partnered with Google and Amazon

Excellent, Alex.

This is all truly impressive. And you’ve got me excited – not about politics or the U.S. economy, but about the real America and what our most brilliant people are creating.

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More high praise.

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Alex, you’ve brought along three Communiqué issues from the past three years that I think are important for the folks to see.

That stock was one we mentioned earlier: MyoKardia (Nasdaq: MYOK). We got it right on all accounts.

The FDA granted a “breakthrough therapy” designation to the company’s prized cardiovascular drug in July 2020.

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Now, if you think 59% in a single day is rare... it is...

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Give us another example, Alex.


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Then, in June 2020, I recommended Zillow (Nasdaq: Z).

Spot on again.

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Alex, what you’ve done for my own finances, and for the portfolios of so many everyday American folks... it truly is impressive.

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Bill, I can’t begin tell you how much I appreciate that.

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The Oxford Communique

Thank you for watching today.

Here with Alexander Green, Chief Investment Strategist of The Oxford Club, I’m Bill O’Reilly.

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