The Single-Stock Retirement Play

Here’s Why This $4 Stock Should Be the Cornerstone of Your Portfolio

“I always hated penny stocks... until I discovered this hidden gem trading under a secret name.”

Dear Reader,

Hi, I’m Alexander Green, Chief Investment Strategist of The Oxford Club.

And today I’m going to show you how a modest investment in a single $4 stock could become the cornerstone of your retirement in the coming years.

I call it the “Single-Stock Retirement Play.”

Some might find the idea that one or two stocks could make your portfolio outlandish, yet many thousands of Americans have already done it.

Including me.

In fact, I’ve done it three times. I invested in Apple in 1996 and 1997... and still hold every share. I bought Netflix in 2005... and still hold every share. And I bought Amazon in 2005 and 2006... and still hold every share.

These were modest investments.

But those three stocks individually have gone up between 101 and 1,025 times in value.

That’s the power one great single stock can have in your portfolio.

In fact, as you’re about to see, the 20 wealthiest men and women in America today made their fortunes thanks largely to a single stock.

But before I tell you more, let’s get one thing straight.

If you’re going to retire on one stock, it has to be...

The “Perfect Stock.”

So the first question is...

If you were putting together your own perfect “dream stock,” what would it look like?

  • It would probably be a leader in cutting-edge technology that changes the way we live... just like Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook and Netflix did.
  • It would have breakthrough products used by billions of customers around the world.
  • Its profit margins would be fully protected by patents, trademarks and brand names.
  • It would have hundreds of billions of dollars in future sales and profits – not just expected, but contractually guaranteed.
  • It would pay an enormous dividend.
  • It would be on the verge of dozens of blockbuster announcements that could drive the price into the stratosphere.

But most of all...

There is ONE KEY ELEMENT to a Perfect Stock...

It has to be undiscovered. Not one in 50,000 regular investors should know about it.

The Perfect Stock would also trade for just a few dollars a share.

That way you can get in cheap and ride it to potentially hundreds of dollars per share.

Now, it may seem improbable that such a stock actually exists.

But it does.

I only recently uncovered it.

And if you move quickly – before an upcoming announcement – this $4 stock could help you achieve the kind of carefree retirement most people only dream about.

Let me quickly explain why this explosive investment opportunity should make up your Single-Stock Retirement Play.

First, its products will be found in just about every cutting-edge industry around the globe.

I’m talking about...

Industry Collage
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Smartphones
  • Virtual reality
  • Robotics
  • Medical equipment
  • Gaming technology
  • The Internet of Things
  • E-commerce
  • And much more.

The company has inked deals with Cisco, Dell, Microsoft, Intel, Sharp, IBM, HP, Motorola, Sony, Nokia, Amazon and Apple...

In total, I expect it to receive more than $35.3 BILLION from these partnerships alone.

And it has dozens more.

The question is... why are so many household tech names turning to this one obscure company?

Because it has something no one else has...

According to data from Intellectual Property Watchdog, the firm has quietly amassed one of the largest tech patent libraries of any company in the world.

It has 36,241 patents inside the United States and 108,749 globally.

You can see why the world’s most famed tech companies are all signing blockbuster deals with this little-known firm trading for $4.

And with all of these deals now in place, the cash is flowing in at record rates.

Future sales and profits won’t be in the hundreds of millions... or even the low billions.

We’re looking at hundreds of billions of dollars!

In fact, revenue hit a new record last year and is expected to surge even more in the year ahead.

And I expect the company to hit at least $181 billion in annual sales this year.

Annual Sales Chart

The company pays a big dividend too... 189% bigger than the S&P 500 average.

In short, this company meets every metric you could want in a Perfect Stock.

And most astonishing of all, it trades for around $4... for those who get in now.

Why so cheap?

Let me explain...

The company does not trade in a normal way... at least, not yet.

You won’t find it on the New York Stock Exchange, the AMEX or the Nasdaq.

Here’s why...

The company literally trades under a secret name.

Perhaps it stayed underground so it could hide the fact that it was amassing one of the largest patent collections in the world.

If so, what a brilliant move.

It’s set to pay off with billions upon billions in sales.

And yet we estimate that there’s a less than 1-in-50,000 chance that you own the stock or have even considered owning it.

That’s why the stock is still incredibly cheap and unknown.

But here’s the big secret that could help you fund your dream retirement.

You can buy this $4 stock from a regular brokerage account... today. But only if you know its secret name. (Which I’m prepared to give you now.)

Keep in mind...

I’m not talking about buying an option on the company or some strange leveraged trade.

If you follow the steps I’m about to lay out, you can buy the actual stock at the real price of $4 or so.

But you’ll need to move extremely fast.

This company just made a $280 million investment in the heart of America toward a new ultra-growth sector of the economy.

It’s expected to begin production in April of next year.

And this all could lead to a special partnership with Apple that’s been called the “Ultimate Prize” by Bloomberg.

As the story unfolds, people across America will be buzzing with excitement as they finally discover the astonishing upside potential and secret identity of this breakthrough company.

But you could already be on your way to a dream retirement... all because you scooped up this obscure $4 stock today.

I’ve Never Recommended Something Like This Before

Before I give you the full details, let me tell you a bit about what I do.

I’m the Chief Investment Strategist at The Oxford Club.

We’re one of the oldest financial clubs in the nation... with more than 178,000 Members from all walks of life.

Our Members include accountants, doctors, Ph.D. economists, teachers, scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs.

Member Photo

And my mission is to help every Member grow and protect their wealth.

Alex Speaking Photo

Normally, we do this through a diversified mix of investment recommendations. These have helped our Members earn exceptional returns on their money.

In fact, in just over two decades, we’ve beaten the market dramatically... delivering a total return of 334% versus just 232% for the S&P 500 over the same period.

Oxford Club Difference Chart

Keep in mind, 92% of active fund managers DO NOT even beat the market.

Yet we’ve proved we can do it year after year.

However... today I’m going to reveal a dirty little secret of the investment world.

The truth is...

Sometimes too much diversification is not a good idea.

Yes, I said it.

And I’m sure a few CPAs just fainted.

But it’s true nonetheless.

Now, I’m not saying you should put all your money in one stock.

I invest in a wide range of stocks myself.

What I am saying is that just one or two stocks can make your retirement.

Apple, Netflix and Amazon have done that for me.

They have gone up hundreds of times in value.

The reality is... when you find a single stock that’s truly special, you can in fact retire on that one stock.

As Warren Buffett points out...

When you “know the business... you understand it, the price is right, the people are right... then you take your thumb out of your mouth and barrel in.”

And if you look at the world’s 20 richest people... every one of them made a fortune not by diversifying into hundreds of stocks...

But rather by concentrating their money in the one stock they understood best.

  • Jeff Bezos got rich not by holding hundreds of stocks in a diversified account, but by concentrating his capital in the one stock he knew would succeed – Amazon.
  • Bill Gates did the same with Microsoft.
  • Sam Walton did it with Walmart.
  • Steve Jobs did it with Apple.
  • Larry Page did the same with Google.
Famous Millionaires

These people all got rich by concentrating their wealth in single stocks.

Of course, you might be thinking, “Yes, but they are the founders of those companies.”

That’s true.

But their shareholders got rich right alongside them. Many saw a small stake turn into many millions of dollars.

That possibility is also available to you, if you find the right stock and take action.

Thousands of Americans Have Retired by Identifying Just One Great Stock to Include in Their Portfolios

Microsoft is a classic example.

From its IPO to today, it’s generated a healthy return of 337,400%.

Microsoft Chart

Every $1,000 invested turned into $3.38 million.

Microsoft Cash Chart

Bill Gates became a billionaire.

But right alongside him, thousands of ordinary people who added Microsoft to their portfolios also got rich.

The New York Times estimates that at least 10,000 people became millionaires just from plunking a few dollars into the wildly profitable stock between 1986 and 2000.

The “Microsoft Millionaires” include people like...

Microsoft Chart
  • Andrea L., estimated to be worth $2 million, who started Hugo House, a center for writers in Seattle, with her profits
  • Jim A., who retired and became a renowned blues guitarist
  • Chris P., a bowling enthusiast, who cashed out and bought the Professional Bowlers Association for an estimated $5 million (and then promptly set it on track to turn profitable and double its revenue).

For them, one stock did all the heavy lifting.

It gave them the freedom to escape the rat race and follow their dreams.

It’s the same story with Amazon.

It’s risen 237,900% since it came on the scene at a split-adjusted $1.50 a share.

Amazon Chart

Every $1,000 turned into $2.38 million.

Amazon Cash Chart

Amazon pays out $1.5 BILLION in new wealth each year to employees just because they own company stock.

I’d say that’s a pretty darn good Single-Stock Retirement Play.

And then there’s Apple.

The company has handed investors more than 1,000 times their money since I started buying it in 1996 and 1997.

Apple Chart

Two grandparents, Joanie and Bill Miller from Buffalo, New York, decided to invest in Apple back in 1997, at the same time I did, and in time it became their Single-Stock Retirement Play.

They put $16,000 into Apple stock.

And in about 15 years, they made $2 million.

Apple Cash Chart

It’s a simple matter of fact: If you find the Perfect Stock, you can and in fact WILL retire far wealthier that you ever could have imagined.

It’s what you ought to be looking for every day as an investor.

Nothing can change your life more dramatically than a huge individual winner.

And you don’t have to bet the farm on that single stock, either. In fact, please don’t do that.

When you get in for $4 per share, just a small sum can be game-changing.

The small stocks I bought for less than $5 prove it...

I’ve “Retired” on One Stock... Three Separate Times

The truth is... every once in a while in my life, I’ve found a stock so innovative, so brilliant in concept and so devastatingly profitable... that I’ve bet on that single stock.

I’ll never forget the days long ago when I was being hounded by Blockbuster Video to pay late fees.

I had forgotten to return just one single movie, but Blockbuster charged me a small fortune.

I actually hated the company.

And so did everybody else I knew.

So when I saw one of those red envelopes with “Netflix” written on it at a friend’s house, I was immediately curious.

Netflix Envelope

Keep in mind, this was more than 15 years ago.

My friend was already a Netflix evangelist. He gushed about the online video rental company that delivered movies right to your doorstep and DID NOT charge late fees.

He was a rabid customer. But I decided I’d become something different: an early investor.

It immediately clicked for me.

Everyone hated Blockbuster. So I was sure word would spread very quickly about this new upstart, Netflix.

The next day, I did an in-depth investigation.

I saw Netflix was the real deal.

And I immediately bought shares.

I didn’t put in that much. Just over $5,000. After all, Netflix was still trading for a split-adjusted $2 back then.

But today, with Netflix trading for more than $400, I still hold every share.

I’ve never sold and I don’t plan to.

Without bragging about exact figures, let’s just say that stock alone is more than enough for me or anyone else to retire on.

The same thing happened for me with Amazon.

Back in the early 2000s, the user interface and customer service on its online bookstore website were so good, I knew this was one of those Single-Stock Retirement Play companies.

So I picked up a few shares while Amazon was still trading around $35.

Today Amazon is trading at more than $3,500 per share. My investment could pay for my kids’ retirement.

Apple Cash Chart

And I did it a third time with Apple.

Apple’s products were truly groundbreaking. So in 1996 and 1997, I picked up $5,700 worth at less than a split-adjusted $1 a share.

Apple Cash Chart

And I still hold them today.

Apple is now up more than 1,000-fold, and my investment may someday pay for my grandkids’ retirement!

The point is...

I’ve done well with my diversified portfolio, but my retirement has been built on finding single stocks like Netflix, Amazon and Apple.

My success didn’t require betting a fortune on any one of these plays. In fact, I never recommend betting it all on one stock. Please understand that.

That would be crazy.

All it took for me was identifying those Perfect Stocks that changed everything.

And today, I’ve found what I’m convinced is the next great breakthrough tech company.

I’ve never seen a firm better suited to the Single-Stock Retirement Play.

It’s cheap, at just $4 a share.

It’s virtually unknown to most investors.

Sales could go to more than $181 billion by the end of this year... more than those of IBM and Intel combined!

And in a moment, I’m going to show you how to buy this company under its secret name.

But first, let me tell you more about it. And why it’s the Perfect Stock.

Founded by a Blue-Collar Worker With Just $7,500

Much like the other companies I’ve mentioned today... the $4 stock I’m talking about had very humble beginnings.

It was started by the blue-collar son of a career police officer.

Early in his life, this ordinary guy was known for his legendary work ethic.

He worked a grueling job at a grinding wheel in a manufacturing plant right out of college.

And when he became a salesman, he was so persistent that security often had to escort him out of the building.

In short, he didn’t take no for an answer.

But as many hard-driving people do, he finally decided to go it alone and start his own business.

So he scrounged together $7,500 in seed money and went to work.

He founded a tech company, but a very different kind of tech company...

He realized that he probably couldn’t compete directly with the Apples, Amazons, Samsungs and Googles.

But if he could quietly do business with these tech giants, he just might turn his own venture into a successful company.

His business plan basically boiled down to this...

He would...

  1. Quietly build up one of the world’s largest collections of patents for cutting-edge technological innovations
  2. Use these patents to convince all the Big Tech companies to sign contracts that let his company build the components for their products
  3. Renew those contracts and rake in billions of dollars from the deals.

With the plan in place, the founder of this company set to work.

A Power Player in Dozens of Industries

His first major success was in building computer chassis.

That’s the frame itself, which holds the guts inside the computer.

It’s a simple piece of hardware.

But every single computer in the world needs one.

He was able to build chassis for HP, IBM, Compaq and Apple.

It was a big score.

He was bringing in millions – while flying completely under the radar.

And once he realized how lucrative it was to make components for Big Tech companies, he moved into every little niche market he could find.

This bulldog CEO grew even more confident.

He gained a reputation as one of the most aggressive entrepreneurs in the world.

And his sales contracts prove it...

  • His company has signed an agreement to build hundreds of thousands of devices for Amazon’s Fire TV streaming line.
  • It also recently announced that it will be manufacturing Google’s flagship Pixel 6 phone in a partnership that includes Samsung as well.
  • It has a deal in place to build GameCubes and Switches for Nintendo.
  • It builds PlayStation 4s for Sony.
  • It has a deal with Intel to build CPUs and computer cooling systems.
  • It makes hard drive connectors for Dell.
  • It’s working on electric vehicles with Yulon Motor Co., known for building Nissan-branded vehicles.
  • Most impressive of all, it has a $27 billion contract in place to put its components inside iPhones, iPads and other Apple products worldwide!

You can see why we believe sales won’t just be big...

They are set to be ENORMOUS.

Yet this totally under-the-radar company – trading under a SECRET NAME – sells for around $4 per share.

But not for long...

Let me give you a quick breakdown of just how much money these sales contracts are going to bring in.

Billions in Sales... Not Just Expected, but Contractually Guaranteed

We’re looking at..

Sales Figures

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a $4 company ink this many landmark deals.

Based on the sales guaranteed in these contracts and others, the company is set to generate $5,739 or more per second in the coming year.

That’s $344,000 per minute.

$20.7 million per hour.

$496 million per day.

And I’m expecting total annual sales to top more than $181 billion this year. And then keep increasing from there.

Annual Sales Chart

Just to give you some idea of how big that is...

It’s more than double the sales of IBM... which trades for $120.

It’s about $70 billion more than Facebook, now known as Meta... which trades for more than $350.

And it’s about four times the revenue of Tesla, which trades for more than $1,100!

Sales Comparison Chart

Who would’ve thought you could buy a company with that much potential at $4?

It’s almost unheard-of.

Even if it just traded up to IBM’s price over the next ten years, it would be a 2,900% gain!

The big question is...

Why are so many giant brand-name companies making deals with a company that trades for around $4?

The Patent King

To put it simply, it’s because this firm is quickly becoming the undisputed “Patent King” of the world.

It owns patents for just about everything.

  • Circuit board surge protectors
  • Lithium-ion batteries
  • Technology for creating microchips
  • A device for connecting circuits
  • Image capture for video on smartphones
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles
  • Fiber-optic transmission
  • Printing devices
  • Cleaning robots
  • Rotating display screens for notebook computers
  • Quicker flash drives
  • Smart TVs

Look, I could go on for days talking about this company’s patent moat.

After all, it has more than 36,000 patents in the U.S. alone – and many thousands more overseas.

You get the picture.

The Big Tech companies MUST sign deals with this company, because it owns the intellectual rights to all the key components.

The company has flown under the radar until now... for reasons I’ll get into in just a moment.

Yet it’s almost completely unknown to the general public. (Trust me, I bet neither your broker nor anyone else has ever recommended the stock to you.)

And that’s very good news for us.

Because when you combine a truly great business with virtual anonymity, that’s when the gains can be truly spectacular.

No-Name Stocks Work Best for Your Single-Stock Retirement Play

Ever heard of a stock called Balchem?

It’s based in the tiny town of Wawayanda, New York.

Population: 7,266.

The business is pretty boring.

It’s an animal nutrition and feed company that very few people have heard of.

But like the $4 stock I’m talking about today, Balchem works behind the scenes, supplying bigger-name companies.

It’s handed investors 73,000% gains since 1986.

Balchem Chart

Imagine putting $2,000 in Balchem as your version of the Single-Stock Retirement Play.

All it would have taken was knowing the ticker symbol and placing the trade.

And you’d be worth $1.46 million right now.

Balchem Cash Chart

Then there’s Danaher Corporation.

It’s a science and technology innovator based in Washington, D.C.

Try bringing the company up at a cocktail party... people will think you’re the least interesting person in the world.

Yet it’s a total blockbuster.

Danaher’s has produced 344,100% gains since 1979.

Danaher Chart

Back in the day, you could have gotten 20,000 shares for just $1,800.


You’d be sitting on a dream retirement of $6.2 million.

Danaher Cash Chart

Monster Beverage is another one.

It went from $0.03 a share... to $89.50.

That’s a mind-boggling return of 286,316%!

Monster Chart

A $1,000 investment in Monster would have built up a $2.9 million retirement account in 29 years.

Monster Cash Chart

Jack Henry & Associates was another blockbuster.

Let’s say you invested $5,000 in it in 1985.

Your retirement account today would be 42,100% higher.

Jack Henry & Associates Chart

You’d have $2.1 million to play with.

Jack Henry & Associates Cash Chart

This is the power of finding an unknown stock that’s delivering record sales and gargantuan profits.

Of course, winners like Balchem and Monster aren’t everyday occurrences. And gains this big take time to develop. Very few penny stocks ever turn into historic winners.

It takes hundreds and sometimes thousands of hours of due diligence to uncover those rare, exceptional stocks where massive sales growth and near-obscurity come together to create a perfect storm of profits.

And of course, there are no guarantees that a stock selling for $4 today will turn into the next massive winner.

The best thing you can do is approach it like I did with my best-performing stocks...

Look for companies changing the world and study their financials and their intellectual property advantages.

And then put in a small stake so that if it doesn’t pan out, you aren’t risking more than you can afford to lose.

You have a special opportunity in front of you today with our $4 stock, but you’ll have to move quickly on this.

The company has remained almost completely anonymous until now.

But I believe that’s about to change in a big way.

Let me share with you why you’ve never heard of this company before – and why it will soon be making massive headlines in every major newspaper as its share price soars.

Why You’ve Never Heard of This Stock Before

The founder of this company is a certifiable genius in my book.

Just consider what he’s done so far.

He started a business with just $7,500 and managed to find his way into the biggest tech companies in the world.

He’s built a moat around his business with thousands of valuable patents. And signed multibillion-dollar deals with the tech giants.

If he had been gaining tons of media coverage during the process, it’s unlikely he would have succeeded.

So he did something truly brilliant.

He decided not to list his stock on the big stock exchanges like the NYSE, Nasdaq or AMEX.

Instead, he set it up so his company’s shares traded under a secret name. And then he quietly went about building his empire.

Trading anonymously gave him the ability to sign dozens of big deals without sounding an alarm.

And now I believe it’s set to pay off in a big way.

But in order to get in on the action, you need to know the name of the stock and how to buy it.

Don’t get me wrong. While many brokers might not be aware of this stock, it is available through regular discount brokers like Schwab – and a few specialists I can give you contact information for.

Once you have the instructions to buy it, you can get shares of the real stock at the real price of $4.

However, I should warn you now...

I expect this stock will not stay an ultra-cheap stock for long.

The company could go mainstream in a major way that involves what’s been called the “Ultimate Prize” – working with Apple.

And already, word is starting to get out.

Wall Street Is Quietly Snapping Up Millions of Shares

The big Wall Street sharks are circling... quietly building up multimillion-dollar positions in preparation for the company to suddenly become a household name.

Fidelity now has $564 million worth of shares.

iShares is backing up the truck with $900 million invested. 

And Vanguard has taken the lead position with just over $1.25 billion invested.

They are leading a core group of hedge funds and trading houses that are betting big on this $4 stock.

Do they know something is coming?

You bet they do.

They’re well aware of the event that could make headlines across the country.

The BIG Deal: The Company Just Unveiled a Bold Plan to Dominate a Potential $200 Billion Market

The company I’ve talked about today is involved in dozens of the most high-profile tech industries in the world.

But now it’s moving swiftly into one more – with $200 billion potential on the horizon.

For those who have followed the Tesla story as its stock has lifted off into the stratosphere, you know that electric vehicles (EVs) are one of the hottest markets in stocks.

Tesla alone is up from $50 to $1,100 in just over two years.

Tesla Chart

That’s a massive rise.

But there is one company whose EVs might be even more hotly anticipated than Tesla’s.

And that company is Apple.

Nothing is as long-awaited as the Apple Car, which the company has secretly been working on under the title “Project Titan” for many years now.

But here’s what makes this a big opportunity for the $4 stock I’m telling you about.

Apple plans to design these cars, but then work with other companies to actually produce them.

Bloomberg has called Apple’s EV the “Ultimate Prize” for the company that partners with Apple on it... because we are talking about the potential for billions of dollars in orders.

And it looks like the $4 stock I’m telling you about today might just be the company to do it.

Remember, this $4 stock already does billions of dollars in business with Apple on an annual basis.

They are big-time partners.

There is a lot of trust there.

And this next step in their partnership... the possibility of this company landing the contract to actually build Apple cars... is as tantalizing as any stock catalyst I’ve seen in years.

And it appears the $4 stock is gearing up to make a run at it.

It just spent $280 million on an EV production plant in Ohio.

It just unveiled its own new electric SUV, sedan and bus models at a recent trade show.

And these EVs are out of this world.

The Washington Post highlighted their race-car level acceleration and impressive 470-mile range.

So this company is proving that it has the chops to manufacture world-class EVs.

And here’s the thing...

Even without the contract with Apple, this company is setting itself up to dominate the future of EVs.

It’s gearing up for production in Ohio by spending $280 million on the plant there.

But it’s also working with a 68-year-old company that’s made cars for Nissan. And it’s working with the European car giant Stellantis, which formed out of the merger of Fiat and PSA Group.

The Washington Post estimates the size of the market this company’s automotive business could reach will come in at $200 BILLION by 2025.

That’s nearly four times the revenue Tesla generates.

Now, listen, the production facility in Ohio is set to come online in April.

One thing is for sure...

Investors everywhere will soon be talking about this company.

That’s why the time is now.

The stock is still available at just $4.

But soon, you may have to pay a multiple of this price.

And who knows how high it could go in the next 10 years?

Will it go as high as IBM, at $120?

Or Netflix, at more than $600?

Or Tesla, at more than $1,100?

Tesla Chart

Only those who move today will have the chance to enjoy the ride.

That’s why I’d like to send you my latest report right now: “The Single-Stock Retirement Play: How to Retire on This Obscure $4 Stock.”

If we were selling this report, it would be valued at $159.

But I want to put the report in your hands today.

In it, I’ll lay out everything I’ve uncovered in my in-depth investigation into this company.

I’ll give you the full rundown of its rise to power and why I believe it will generate more than $181 billion in revenue this year.

I’ll discuss the multiple upcoming catalysts related to its sales contracts and production facilities.

Most importantly of all, I will give you exact instructions on how to buy this stock in a regular brokerage account.

Remember, it trades under a secret name. I’ll reveal both its real name and its secret trading name.

Report with Callout

If you act quickly, you can get in at $4, right alongside the Wall Street pros who are currently loading up on shares.

There are only two paths you can take moving forward.

  • Take a position now while the stock is still cheap. And every time you see the company in the news, you can smile, knowing your stock is likely moving up.
  • Ignore this opportunity. And every time you hear about the stock on CNBC, you’ll cringe at how you missed out – again – on a single stock that could’ve helped you pay for your retirement.

Lots of people have found themselves face to face with opportunities like this.

And those who recognized them came away totally changed.

In fact, we’ve given our Members the chance to retire on one stock multiple times in our organization’s history...

We’ve Called Three of the Biggest Stock Winners of the Past 15 Years

For example, I wrote a story a few years back about a cancer-fighting company called Varian Medical Systems.

When we first started researching it in 2003, it traded for just $23.

Here’s what I wrote:

“This company’s shares meet every one of our criteria for outstanding growth: new products, a big jump in revenues, a fast-growing industry and a big new market for its products.”

In April 2021, Varian was acquired by Siemens at a price of around $177 per share.

Investors who recognized this opportunity made a great deal of money.

But they did even better when we recommended Intuitive Surgical.

Back when it was trading for less than $25 per share in 2004, I wrote this:

“It holds a monopoly position in surgical robots. As a result, sales and earnings are making a dramatic turn northward. Gross profits are a whopping 63.2% of sales. And recurring revenues are already more than doubling. Clearly, this is a stock with a great deal of upside potential.”

Dave F. decided to make this pick his personal Single-Stock Retirement Play. He bought 1,000 shares at $24.55.

Here’s a screenshot of his buy after he saw my report.


Today, those shares trade 128 times higher...

1,000 shares would be worth $3.6 million!

Cash Chart

Dave now lives in a peaceful stone mansion in the Pennsylvania countryside, where he restores old cars with his son.

That’s what a successful Single-Stock Retirement Play looks like.

Here’s another stock we recommended that could have put you on the path to an easy retirement...


It’s another biotech that fights cancer.

Here’s just a piece of what we published:

“With Celgene, investors have a strange and wonderful opportunity. The company is a cutting-edge, new-medicine firm. However, unlike just about any other medical innovator at this stage, Celgene’s speculative ‘new’ compound is already approved by the FDA. And the company is already profitable.”

Again, one of our Members made Celgene his Single-Stock Retirement Play.

Here’s a note he wrote to us.

“What I still hold is now up 2,440%, and that’s having sold off my original $25,000 investment and $300,000 in profits. That $25,000 investment generated more than $800,000 in total (2003-2017), and I’m still holding a good chunk of it.” – Oxford Communiqué Member

Now, those were some of the best testimonials we received from subscribers who took my recommendations and turned them into a successful Single-Stock Retirement Play. Not every subscriber hung on for the whole ride.

Some surely wanted to cash in and got out earlier.

But the message is clear...

If you want the true dream retirement... and you’re worried that you haven’t saved enough... it’s not all about diversification. It’s about finding that one stock that’s generating record revenues while remaining completely under the radar. Because taking a chance on that one single breakout stock is the No. 1 key to boosting your retirement.

Now, does that mean that I bet it all on one stock?

Absolutely not. I’ve owned lots of stocks.

But it means you should make sure you at least invest a modest sum in the stocks you believe in the most.

Or you’ll end up doing average at best.

When I first heard about Netflix, for instance, I can tell you, it took a lot of courage to go for it.

But I saw the way Netflix excited all of its customers. The way my friend who first introduced me to Netflix spoke about the company was almost reverent.

He loved what it was doing. And if he hadn’t spread the word to me, I might not have gotten in so early.

And that’s why I’m spreading the word to you today.

I’d like to get my report on “The Single-Stock Retirement Play: How to Retire on This Obscure $4 Stock” into your hands right away.

This stock is as good as any I’ve seen – and that includes Intuitive Surgical and Celgene.

It could be the path to your dream retirement.

The only question left to ask yourself is...

What Would You Do if You Had a Multimillion-Dollar Portfolio?

Live in the countryside like Dave?

Try your hand at writing a novel?

Get a beach house for family vacations?

Give to your favorite charity?

Or finally just sit back and enjoy life without any concerns about money?

For me, knowing I have my retirement paid for makes everything sweeter.

Taking my son to play golf... playing a round of tennis with my wife... traveling to see bands and musicians I’ve always liked...

Life is just better without money hassles.

And I believe our $4 stock will be the one that gives you that worry-free life.

All the details are in our special briefing “The Single-Stock Retirement Play: How to Retire on This Obscure $4 Stock.”

I can send it to every one of you at the end of this presentation.

But I’m not going to stop there.

You see...

This $4 stock is one of the best I’ve ever uncovered.

But I’ve seen others that have 1,000% potential. I call them 10-baggers – stocks that rise tenfold or more.

In order to help our Members get the chance to lock in more 10-bagger stocks, I created a model portfolio of stocks that are cheap and offer tremendous growth potential.

Special Bonus No. 1: “Ten-Baggers of Tomorrow: The Official Portfolio Guide” (Value: $139)

When I first announced our model portfolio at a special Members-only event in Stowe, Vermont... one of the first stocks I talked about was Applied Optoelectronics.

At the time, it was trading for just over $11.

Exactly one year later, it was up to $96!

Applied Optoelectrics Chart

This is the type of stock I’m including in my Ten-Baggers of Tomorrow Portfolio.

I’ve outlined my strategy and the key characteristics to look for in my report “Ten-Baggers of Tomorrow: The Official Portfolio Guide.”

Ten-Baggers of Tomorrow Report

I can have it in your hands as soon as this presentation is over.

Plus, there’s one more model portfolio I want to give you access to – our Oxford All-Star Portfolio.

Special Bonus No. 2: “The ‘All-Star Portfolio’ Strategy” (Value: $99)

All-Star Portfolio Strategy Report

In our All-Star Portfolio, we track the trades of the world’s top investors and share them with you.

Everything you need to know about our All-Star Portfolio strategy is found in the report.

Plus, we have one last special bonus report we just completed...

Special Bonus No. 3: “The 10% CD: The Safest Way to Collect Double-Digit Income Annually” (Value: $119)

The 10% CD Report

We’ve found a new investment that’s perfect for people who just want a great return with their principal, backed by legal guarantee.

We call it the “10% CD.”

We’ve just put together our latest report, “The 10% CD: The Safest Way to Collect Double-Digit Income Annually.”

I want you to receive all four reports I’ve promised so far, a $516 value. But I don’t want you to pay one cent for any of them.

Reports Bundle

You can receive everything I’ve promised just by joining me in my monthly newsletter, The Oxford Communiqué.

Reports Bundle

A Community of Freedom Seekers...

The Oxford Communiqué is a letter I put together to connect with wealth builders all over the country who care about their families and recognize the true value of money...


Money is the ability to quit working if you want to...

It’s the ability to live in a fully paid-off home in a safe community...

To travel to see your family whenever you want...

To help your children and grandchildren succeed...

To start a business...

To buy a second home at the beach...

The reason to pursue great wealth is to give yourself the freedom to do these things.

And that’s my sole goal when I write the latest edition of The Oxford Communiqué each month – to help our Members achieve true freedom by increasing their retirement wealth.

With each monthly issue of the Communiqué, I’ll share all my insights on the economy, interest rates, business developments, and, of course, my favorite stocks with the most upside potential.

I’ll explain why revenues are booming. We’ll watch company insiders to see if they are buying. And we’ll track Wall Street money flows as they pour into certain stocks.

I want you to receive my Oxford Communiqué issues as part of everything I’m offering today.

I can help you navigate the markets through just about anything.

With more than three decades of experience as a research analyst, professional money manager and one of the country’s best-known financial writers, I can help you navigate whatever the markets throw at us in the weeks and months ahead.

We’ve Helped Our Members Thrive During Every Major Market Downturn

We’ve managed to avoid or mitigate nearly every major market downturn of the last 25 years.

For instance... in February 2000, at the height of the dot-com craze, we sent out a special report to Members, warning...

“We’re nearing the peak of the greatest speculative mania in all financial history. Stocks are at super-stretched valuations. And their inevitable fall from grace will not be at all graceful.”

The Nasdaq peaked exactly one month later, in March.

And from there, over the next 2 1/2 years, the Nasdaq lost 78% of its value.

But our Members were safe.

In January of 2008, nearly nine months before the financial crisis struck, we warned our Members that...

“The housing marketing is going through an adjustment like no one has seen in the past 100 years.”

We actually posted an average gain of 28% on our 46 closed plays while the markets crumbled around us.

Then in 2009, we called the exact bottom of the market. I sent out a message to Members that read...

“2009 will be a terribly year for the economy. But, shocking and surprising most investors, it should be an excellent year for the stock market.”

The stock market went on to jump 65% between the market bottom in March and the year’s end.

Member Joe Martin of California wrote to tell us he made more than $1.3 million thanks to our market calls.

“The bottom in 2008 was $1.4 million. Yesterday (2012) I was at $2.7 million.” – Joe Martin

We’ve received many stories like this over the years from Oxford Communiqué subscribers...

Thousands of Success Stories

Here are just a few notes reflecting the best success stories at our organization...

“31 recommendations… and only one loss! I am 100% with you.” – Charles Benson
“Reader for 10 years. I started with $150,000. Today I have $3.5 million despite all my personal and family expense.” – Pat Douglas
“I have tripled in the last two years.” – Maxine Peterson
“My portfolio has grown about 200-fold over decades. I can say The Oxford Club and Alex have had a significant impact on my life, my best investment ever!” – Ervin Upshaw
“I love your service and wish I’d discovered it 20 years ago. That would have saved me $500,000.” – Sam Langston

Many of our Members are regular folks with only $10,000 or so to invest... while others are multimillionaires.

We’ve had Members fly in on private helicopters to our Member meetings.

But no matter what your investing level... the key is taking control of your finances and growing that money now.

And I have no doubt The Oxford Communiqué and the principles we follow will help you down that road today.

In fact, we’ve even put together three resources to help you succeed.

First Added Bonus Today: Receive Your Copy of Our Brand-New “Multimillionaire’s Handbook”! (Value: $129)

Multimillionaire's Handbook

Our “Multimillionaire’s Handbook” is loaded with secrets that can help you do just that.

All told, we share 41 secrets in this book. Each one will help you keep more of your money... and grow it faster too.

The second bonus I have for you is a book I wrote for Members.

Second Added Bonus Today: Get a Free Copy of My New York Times Bestseller Beyond Wealth: The Road Map to a Rich Life! (Value: $21)

Beyond Wealth Book

My book Beyond Wealth, a New York Times bestseller, shows you how to live a rich life.

I’d like to send you a free copy of Beyond Wealth today. You’ll see how to get it in just a moment.

And I have one more bonus to add.

Third Added Bonus Today: HD Video Set of My Millionaire-Maker Private Sessions! (Value: $199)

I’d like to send you the videos of my Millionaire-Maker Private Sessions.

Millionaire-Maker Video Series

This is a series I’ve recorded and delivered to the Members of our Chairman’s Circle – the highest level of membership within The Oxford Club.

The series explains in detail how my strategies work... how I’ve succeeded in my career as an investment analyst... and how you can apply those principles to your retirement as well.

The videos are in crystal-clear HD.

I suggest watching them and then passing them along to friends, family members, co-workers, whomever you like.

So that’s three added bonuses today, valued at $349.

I want to send them all to you just for joining our organization.

Become a Part of One of the Most Prestigious Financial Clubs in the Country

As I’ve told you, we are a financial club.

Our newsletter’s motto is “Great profits in the company of good friends.”

Our mission is to help you become wealthier in every aspect of your life.

As soon as you join The Oxford Communiqué, you are a full Member of our Club, with all the privileges that entails.

You’ll receive...

Millionaire-Maker Video Series
  • Access to all of our model trading portfolios, including the Oxford Trading Portfolio, the Oxford All-Star Portfolio (value: $99) and the Ten-Baggers of Tomorrow Portfolio (value: $139)
  • Weekly model portfolio updates with key new information regarding our recommendations
  • Oxford Insight emails with behind-the-scenes intelligence from The Oxford Club team, as well as The Oxford Club’s global network of associates
  • Reports like “The Oxford Club Guide to Gold” and “23 Cash Rebate Programs Hidden in the Tax Code”
  • Password-protected access to the Members-only website, newly designed with a more personalized approach for you
  • Personal invitations to our five-star Member events in beautiful locations like Whistler, British Columbia, where we held a recent Private Wealth Seminar
  • Access to our Pillar One Advisors, including experts in collectibles, real estate, tax law, insurance and more.

You’ll also receive every one of the reports, books and special bonuses I’ve lined up for you today, including...

  • “The Single-Stock Retirement Play: How to Retire on This Obscure $4 Stock” (Value: $159)
  • “Ten-Baggers of Tomorrow: The Official Portfolio Guide” (Value: $139)
  • “The ‘All-Star Portfolio’ Strategy” (Value: $99)
  • “The 10% CD: The Safest Way to Collect Double-Digit Income Annually” (Value: $119)
  • “The Multimillionaire’s Handbook” (Value: $129)
  • Beyond Wealth: The Road Map to a Rich Life (Value: $21)
  • And the HD video set of The Millionaire-Maker Private Sessions (Value: $199)

That’s a set of free bonuses valued at $865.

And yes, once you join The Oxford Communiqué, you will have access to me.

I’ve personally hit it big on enough stocks to retire many times over.

I’ve given investment advice to hundreds of thousands of people over my 35-year career. Many of our Members have gone from beginner investors to multimillionaires.

And our track record backs it all up.

Of course, I understand a lot of people out there claim to deliver great returns.

So if you’re skeptical, I get it.

But there is a way to see for yourself who truly has the goods and who doesn’t.

I’m proud of our track record.

And it’s only by identifying great stocks like the $4 opportunity I’m talking about today that we’ve been able to achieve it.

This company is set to become one of the most profitable in the world. It has deals with Apple, Microsoft, Intel, Motorola, Sony, Sharp and dozens more that are worth billions.

Last year was another record revenue year, and I estimate sales will climb past $181 billion this year.

Annual Sales Chart

That’s more revenue than IBM, Facebook or Tesla.

But while those stocks all trade for well over $100 or even $1,000, this stock trades for just $4.

If you’re going to retire on just one stock, this is it.

I don’t want anything holding you back.

Which is why I’m giving you the chance to join me with The Oxford Communiqué at the lowest price possible today.

Clients paid millions of dollars to receive my advice when I worked on Wall Street. Many considered it the best money they ever spent.

But I gave all that up.

Investment bankers and stockbrokers have too many conflicts of interest.

And once I made my retirement by identifying just a few true breakout stocks, I didn’t need to work on Wall Street anymore.

That’s why we charge so little for The Oxford Communiqué...

Just $249 for a full year.

It’s as good a deal as there is in the investment world.

After all, we’re crushing the performance of hedge funds that charge clients tens of thousands of dollars.

But having said all that, again – I want everyone to have a chance to share in our success.

So to make this as easy a decision as possible for you, here’s what my publisher has decided to do.

I want to give you a risk-free subscription to The Oxford Communiqué today for just $49 – our absolute lowest price.

And here’s the final kicker.

I’m going to back all this up with a 365-day 100% money-back guarantee.

Guarantee Header

You’ll have 12 months to use and review everything I’ve talked about today. You’ll see how the $4 stock performs. You can track my Ten-Baggers of Tomorrow. Use any of the dozens of secrets in “The Multimillionaire’s Handbook.”

No matter how much you make in profits, here is my promise to you...

You can call us up at any time and for any reason over the next year and we will give you a full, 100% refund of your money – no matter what. PLUS, you get to keep every single thing you received today.

It’s a bold promise.

But that’s how confident we are.

I have to say, I can’t imagine how I could make this offer any better.

This $4 stock is without a doubt the best I’ve seen in my career – beating out Netflix, Apple, Intuitive Surgical and Celgene.

I believe it’s the very best stock to fulfill your Single-Stock Retirement Play.

But one last word of warning...

The company’s big moment could be coming up very soon. A potential deal to produce the Apple Car could be the catalyst that starts it on its path from $4 to $100 or more.

I’ll be tracking it and keeping you posted on every new development... and you’ll enjoy the ride all the way through.

I sincerely hope you take advantage of this opportunity now... today. 

I’ve heard so many success stories from people who have joined us.

Like the recent one we received from Benjamin McCormick that said...

This has been the most fun an old man has had, and very profitable. You have the best organization I have ever known. Thanks for being there for me.” 

Your success story could be next.

We’ve seen how investing early in a company can create millionaires – like the 10,000 created by Microsoft.

I think it’s that big a story, though nothing is guaranteed in the markets.

If the stock trades up to IBM’s price, it could hand you 2,900% gains.

The opportunity to help build a retirement on one stock doesn’t come often.

For me, it took some guts to pull the trigger on Netflix when most people had never heard of it.

But I bought the stock, and it was one of the great investment decisions of my life.

I look forward to helping you see the chance to achieve the same experience.

For those watching at home, just click on the big “Yes! I Want the Details on the $4 Stock” button below.

I look forward to you joining our team and starting your own Single-Stock Retirement Play.

Thank you for your time, and congratulations. I look forward to welcoming you to the Club.


Alexander Green
Editor, The Oxford Communiqué
January 2022



This $4 stock is in perfect position. The company is expected to generate more sales than IBM, Facebook and even Google. Yet it trades at just a fraction of those stocks.

You could retire on this one stock.

I urge you to read on and discover your “Single-Stock Retirement Play.”

Click Resume Video to keep watching this presentation.

Or click Read Transcript to get the full details.


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